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Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn Fertilizing

To maintain a great lawn, fertilizing and weed control is necessary. These applications are timed evenly throughout the year to give your lawn the boost it needs to be the best on the block!

Lawn Mowing

We provide weekly lawn mowing service to help you keep on top of your lawn. Our state of the art equipment and properly trained employees will make your lawn look great each week!

Pest Control

Have an annoying bug you want to get rid of? Our pest control treatment plans are safe and very effective. Applications are made throughout the year. Contact us for a customized quote.

We produce results…

 Whispering Pines Lawn Care is a full service business providing lawn care in Grand Rapids, as well as landscaping and snow plowing services to  maintain a beautiful focal point for your business or home. We take pride in the work we do, and we see it as a privilege to help our customers achieve the lawn they desire. Our goal is not to empty your pockets, but provide you with complete solution that will meet the specific maintenance needs of your property, while keeping our prices competitive. During the winter months, we provide salting and snow plowing in Grand Rapids to keep our clients safe and warm. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a small local company
  • We value customer relationships and have fair pricing
  • All employees are uniformed and respectful of client’s property
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Quick and Free estimates!

Lawn Care and Snowplowing in Grand Rapids, MI Done Right

There have been many instances in the past few years, where you may have turned on the news and seen a report about a landscaping company in Grand Rapids taking advantage or stealing from customers.  There also have been instances where big national lawn care services will say they did a service, (like fertilizing/weed control) but the truth was they never showed up.

As a small local company in Grand Rapids, you will never have to deal with those kind of hassles with us. We only hire employees that we have known before hand, to ensure honesty and attention to detail is what are company is continued to be known for.


Whispering Pines Lawn Care

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Want A Free Estimate?

What services do you want a quote for?