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What is Core Aeration?

Aeration is the process of removing 2-4 inch plugs out of the ground. Aeration allows your soil to breathe and allows the grass roots to receive enough water and fertilizer. At Whispering Pines Lawn Care, we use mechanical aerators to provide aeration in Grand Rapids, MI. This allows us to reach farther into your soil to pull out longer plugs. The longer the soil plug is, the more beneficial aeration will be as some lawn roots go down 4-5 inches into the soil. We recommend aeration for any lawn with clay or partially clay soil. If you have sandy soil, aeration will not be as beneficial as water can drain though sand easier than clay.

Core Aeration is Beneficial!

  • Lawn Aeration helps to promote growth of roots
  • Fertilizer is used more efficiently
  • Less water run-off
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Lawn will have higher heat tolerance
  • Breaks down thatch

When should I Aerate?

Your lawn in Grand Rapids should be aerated at least once annually. The best times to aerate your lawn are during the spring and fall because your lawn is the least stressed during this time. We recommend over seeding right after the aeration is completed. This will allow your lawn to “fill in” better and will eliminate bare spots. Call today to schedule your lawn aeration in Grand Rapids, MI!

What Can I Expect from Aeration?

After aeration is completed, you will have 3 inch plugs of soil laying all over your lawn. Don’t worry! These soil plugs will disappear within 2 weeks from rain and natural. It is important to let the plugs take care of themselves, because they still haver fertilizer and other nutrients that need to make their way back into the soil.

Should You Hire a Company or Rent an Aerator?

Aerators can be rented at rental shops from anywhere from $65-$100 a day. Our aeration for Grand Rapids pricing starts at $40 which is for 3000 sq. ft. of grass. It is a good idea to research the pros and cons of doing aeration yourself before you decide to rent an aerator. If you are need of any other lawn care service in Grand Rapids, MI visit our homepage!

Aeration in Grand Rapids, MI


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