Fertilizing and Weed Control in Grand Rapids MI


Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Whispering Pines Lawn Care knows you want a green and weed free lawn. There are many elements that go into growing the perfect lawn. Grass needs adequate water for cooling, sunlight for energy, and oxygen for respiration. On top of those 3 elements, your lawn also depends on nutrients that are absorbed by the lawns roots. Three nutrients are very important for your lawn: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These three nutrients are considered macronutrients because your lawn requires more than it gets naturally. This is why your lawn needs to be fertilized! Deficiencies of these nutrients can lead to diseases and an unhealthy lawn.

Here are the 5 applications that are necessary for your lawn:

  • Spring Crabgrass Control/Feeding

    This application includes pre-emergent crabgrass control and fertilization to give your lawn in Grand Rapids, MI a healthy start to the year!

  • Early Summer Application

    The second application consists of slow release fertilization to help your lawn become or remain green and thick. This application also includes broadleaf control to help eliminate dandelions and other pesky weeds that have popped up.

  • Mid Summer¬†Application

    Slow Release fertilizer is applied to keep your lawn the healthy during the hot and dry days of summer. This is also when Grub Control can be applied.

  • Late Summer/Early Fall Application

    A turf building fertilizing application and spot-weed control.

  • Late Fall Winterizing Application

    This application helps your grass prepare for winter and ensures that it has enough food until spring comes around. This is considered the most important application because it helps your lawn stay healthy into the next year after the snow melts.