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Whispering Pines Lawn Care has been beautifying and adding value to Grand Rapids homes for years through our detailed oriented landscaping in Grand Rapids, MI. Our crew brings many years of experience and attention to detail, which are the two most important characteristics to look for when hiring a landscaping company. Upon your request we can provide you with a complete portfolio of our many completed landscapes. However, we also specialize in the upkeep and maintenance of your landscape. This includes:

Mulch:  Our mulch in Grand Rapids helps prevent weeds from growing in your landscaping beds. It also helps brighten your landscape helps insulate your plants. We offer Black, Brown, Red, and Gold mulches. Cheaper options include processed hardwood mulch and natural mulch. However, no mulch job is complete without edging. Edging a mulch bed adds visual appeal to a garden and also establishes a boundary. This will allow the mulch to remain in the flower beds, without cascading into the grass areas, and keeps grass from growing into the mulch bed. If you want an idea of what mulch you want in your landscape, call us or visit this landscape mulch website.

Hedge Trimming: Keeping your hedges and bushes is very important. Bushes not only look much better when they are maintained, but trimming them on a consistent basis keeps them healthy. We offer monthly or yearly bush/hedge trimming options. We do more than just hedge trimming. We also trim tree limbs, plants, bushes, and shrubs.  If you need hedge trimming in Grand Rapids, get on our schedule today!

Weeding: Weeds do not just destroy the appearance of your landscape, but they also steal nutrients from your plants. Plants need all the water and nutrients they can get in the summer, so get rid of those pesky weeds today! Biweekly weeding starts at $42, and monthly weeding starts at $65.

Landscape Design and Installation: We love creating unique landscapes in Grand Rapids, MI! From patios, to retaining walls, to waterfalls, we have the necessary resources to create an amazing landscape that will last a lifetime. For inspiration in Grand Rapids landscape design, visit this landscape design website.

Our Grand Rapids Landscaping services include:

  • Water Features
  • Privacy and Retaining Walls
  • Landscapes and Plantings
  • Landscaped Lighting Effects
  • Renovations and Upgrades
  • Patios and Walkways
  • ..and much more!

Give us a call today to at 616-239-2904 to get started on your dream project!


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