Pest Control in Grand Rapids, MI

We offer full service outdoor pest control solutions. This includes perimeter pest control and lawn pest control. Perimeter pest control involves one of our experienced applicators coming to your house and spraying a 4 ft. swath around your house. This will take care of spiders, bees, centipedes ants, and mosquitos that live around your house and sneak their way in. 

Our lawn pest control program is customized to take care of whatever pest is making its home in your lawn. If you have grubs we can put down a granular grub control, to kill them. If you have an ant or ground bee problem, we can spray the areas where they make their home. Most of our pest control programs include coming four to five times throughout the year to spray these areas. After a month, the pest control treatment wears off and must be done again. Please contact us with your specific needs.



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