Mosquito Control Grand Rapids, MI

Summer is too short. Do not let mosquitos ruin it. Whispering Pines Lawn Care provides mosquito control in Grand Rapids, MI and wants to take care of your mosquitos! Our mosquito control consists of a 21 day control which stops neighbors mosquitos and other stray mosquitos from coming to your house.It also kills the mosquitos that are in your yard at the time of the application.

Mosquitos are annoying blood sucking pests which carry many different harmful diseases.Two deadly viruses that mosquitos carry:

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is spread by an infected Aedes species mosquito. The Zika virus is especially risky for anyone who is pregnant, as it can cause a birth defect in the brain for the unborn child.

West Nile Virus

Since West Nile Virus was first identified, there have been 16,000 confirmed illnesses and over 650 people have died. Do not become a statistic! Whispering Pines Lawn Care has the proper mosquito control equipment to fight off all the mosquitos in your yard in Grand Rapids, MI.


How can you reduce the chance of being infected?

  • Spray insect repellent on yourself before going outside!
  • Wear long sleeves and pants from dusk through dawn. Mosquitos are the most active during this time.
  • Repair any screens that have holes in them, and leave doors shut to prevent mosquitos from getting inside your house!
  • Mosquitos breed in standing water. Empty and containers including buckets, pool covers, bird baths, etc.