Grand Rapids Snow Removal

Whispering Pines Lawn Care is the only company you need to call if you are interested in Snow Plowing in Grand Rapids MI. We are dedicated to making Michigan winters easier to handle. Our staff members monitor the weather so that our clients properties are as safe and clear as possible when they leave their homes for work or arrive at their businesses to serve their communities. We offer seasonal and per time pricing to best meet our clients individual needs. Request a FREE Grand Rapids snow removal estimate today!

We provide:

  • Driveway Snow plowing: We mainly only provide residential plowing services in Grand Rapids to keep our prices low. However, we do expand our service area every year, so call a  Per time rates start at $25 per time, and seasonal rates start at $215.
  • Parking Lot Snow plowing:We service commercial parking lots throughout Grand Rapids, and want to add your lot to our route!
  • Sidewalk clearing: We have efficient and cost effective methods for keeping your sidewalks clear of snow.
  • Parking Lot Salting:Slip and falls are prevalent in today’s   We keep your lot clear of ice, and your mind clear of any worries.
  • Sidewalk Deicing: Keep your sidewalks free of ice!


We understand the importance of having clean, well-maintained, and safe roads, parking lots, drives, walks, steps, and stoops to ensure the easy flow of traffic. Whether you are a HOA, business, Townhouse development, Apartment Complex, or homeowner, Whispering Pines Lawn Care will monitor your facility/house as bad weather develops and work hard to keep you clear and running.

Our Snow Plow Service stands out from the other snow plowing companies in Grand Rapids. After the city plows come through and throw snow on your entrance, our snow plow team goes back out and clears this heavy snow for you. On top of this, we offer complete removal of sidewalk snow. It is important to keep your sidewalk clear.

Whispering Pines is a full service landscape and snow company. Call us with any need you have!


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